5 Reasons to Build vs. Buy

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Brookside Homes makes building a home perfectly fit your life EASY!

Home is where life happens. It is where you entertain friends and family, take care of loved ones and carry on family traditions. When looking for a different home, you can build new or buy existing. Here are five reasons why you should build new with award-winning Brookside Homes:

1. You get exactly what you want: Unless you’re willing and able to spend additional money to remodel an existing home, you’re stuck with what you bought. Building new gives you full control of every aspect – location, style, size, layouts, colors/finishes, features and options. Whether you know exactly what you want or if you’d like some assistance, Brookside Homes’ Sales Consultants and Design Coordinators work with you step-by-step to ensure your new home, inside and out, is designed to fit your life. We have nearly 100 fully-customizable home plans spanning a wide variety of sizes and layouts.

2. Technology advances save you money. Home building products are continually improving in energy efficiency and durability. Building new allows you to take advantage of these enhancements. Brookside Homes’ high-quality products are built to last and save you money. For example, our standard Nu-Wool® Premium Cellulose insulation saves up to 40% on your energy bills, and our standard Hybrid Heating and Cooling System operates for less than the cost of a gas furnace alone.

3. Brookside Homes builds high-quality homes fast. While it may be hard to beat the immediacy of moving into an existing home, we think it’s worth the short wait for a new home custom-fit for your life. Brookside Homes’ typical completion time is 6 months from the time ground has been broken.

4. New homes have fewer “money pit” problems. We’ve all heard horror stories of homeowners spending unplanned thousands to repair or replace things in older homes. Brookside Homes guarantees high-quality, with a 1-year warranty on materials and workmanship, and a 12-year structural defect warranty administered by a third party for fairness and transparency. We also give you pricing peace of mind with our no-hidden-cost Price Quotation, clearly laying out all items included in the build with their associated cost.

5. Newer homes equal better resale value: When you’re ready to sell, most buyers place a higher value on newer homes. In this region, Brookside Homes’ revered reputation and commitment to quality is well-known!

Start building your home today!