Celebrating 45 Years of Residential Building

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Article as published in April 2024 Edition of Panorama Community Magazine. https://www.facebook.com/panoramamagazine 

Brookside Homes celebrates 45 years of residential construction in 2024. Their coverage area includes Luzerne County and surrounding locations. "We build homes within an approximate 2-hour radius of our corporate office in Selinsgrove, PA," notes Anthony Wagner, Production Manager, son of owner, Steve Wagner, and a 13-year employee of Brookside. "We have been building homes within areas like Hazleton, Freeland, Mountaintop, and Wapwallopen for decades," Wagner proudly adds.

Building a new home is probably the biggest investment a family will make in their lifetime. Employees at Brookside Homes understand that and know that most people cannot afford to spend a substantial amount of money with a company that may not offer the stability and continuity that Brookside Homes represents. "In the last several weeks, we completed homes for a brother and sister whose parents and grandparents each built with Brookside. Over a 17-year period to build for three generations in the same family, how cool is that," notes Krystal Cover, Administrative Director, a 19-year veteran of Brookside. And that story is not unique at Brookside Homes. "Building for a brother who refers a sister, an employee of an industry that refers a co-worker, or a friend that refers a friend, is our biggest source of business," adds Zachary Cuneo, Director of Sales, also a 19-year employee.

Building for families and being part of the family is Brookside's biggest asset. Owners Randy Davis and Steve Wagner, with a combined 60+ years with the company, have not only mentored family members that call Brookside home, but also have many employees within the company that have brought their family members into the business. "It's a team effort to serve our customers," adds Krystal, and one that she shares with her co-worker Kelly Herman, who happens to be her sister. Kelly has worked for Brookside for over 30 years. "We have brothers that work on our field crew, a father/son and husband/wife that work together and the list goes on. Of course, we have a few people that aren't related," quips Tenisha Martin, Financial Operations/Human Resource manager and 10-year employee, "but overall, it's a work family. We're a small business with a common goal, to be the best homebuilder in the area, and to succeed we must support each other."

It takes a group of core people dedicated to their jobs to maintain a reputation as well-respected as that of Brookside Homes, but it also takes a refined product to produce the longevity that echoes through the many counties that Brookside has built in. Brookside experienced the downturn in 2008, persevered throughout the challenges of 2020 and beyond and their business continues to succeed where others not so well prepared or experienced have failed. "We need to be here for our customers, past, present, and future. We will continue to take the steps using the best products keeping energy efficiency and durability in mind, providing a 12-year structural and one-year workmanship warranty, along with the support of a full-time service team lead by a manager with 30+ years of Brookside knowledge, as these are the essential elements that separate us from competitors," shares Kaitlin Schuck, Business Development, daughter of owner, Randy Davis. Builders that do not provide warranty services, that do not use superior products, and do not provide detailed quotes can appear to cost less, but Brookside knows that settling for less is not what families are looking for in their lifetime investment. "It is for our customers that we will continue to strive to remain high in value and competitive in cost." 

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