Our Building Process

We Make Building Easy

From start to finish, our team of professionals will work with you and guide you through the building process every step of the way. We know it may seem overwhelming as you do your research, but after decades of building custom homes we have nailed down knowing how to walk alongside each customer. Whether you are building for the first time or third time, every experience is different and unique, just like you and the new house you will call home.


Planning & Design


Purchase Land: We are an on-your-lot home builder. Already purchased a lot? Great! Still looking for the right piece of land? No problem, you can work with us while in the process of discovering and buying your lot. See what land is available in our build area.

Consultation and Home Design: ...



Site Work & Foundation


Excavation and Grading: Your home’s footprint is staked out with Owner Steve Wagner, or another qualified Brookside Homes representative, and the excavator. The top soil, if any, is stripped and a solid driveway for cars and construction vehicles is established, the hole is dug and the site is prepped for ...



Framing, HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Rough-ins


This big step is where your home really starts to take shape!

Framing: The wall studs and walls are put up, floors/stories are created and windows and the roof system/shingles are installed. Once framing is finished, we conduct an inspection with the framer and another with the code inspector. General completion ...





Utilities Preparation: Depending on the specific utility needs for your lot, water/sewer, well, septic, fuel and electric are typically planned at this time, and may require additional time to complete. Please apply for power, gas, public sewer, and public water in advance. For example, if you are planning to use ...



Insulation, Drywall & Paint


Insulation: Insulation helps keep your home quiet, comfortable and draft-free. Nu-Wool (R) Dense Pack Insulation is blown into exterior walls on all stories and the attic. This step generally takes 2-3 days.

Drywall and Painting: Once the drywall is taped, spackled, and sanded, the primer coat of paint is applied. While ...



Concrete & Exterior Finish


Concrete: Once the framing is finished, this step can occur at almost any time. Concrete is poured for the basement, garage and stoops/porches as per your home plan. This step is very weather dependent and can be delayed considerably during the winter months and cold temperatures; in some cases, concrete ...



Interior Finish & Home Completion


This stage is all about finalizing your home and readying it for the final code inspection, the Occupancy Inspection, and Brookside Homes’ Final Walk-through.

Trimming: Install interior doors, baseboards, door casings, window sills, molding and other decorative trim. Kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinets are installed. General time frame is 3-4 weeks, ...



Support & Service


After you move in, our full-time Service Department staff will assist you with needs or concerns that may arise. They will automatically reach out to you for two, scheduled service calls, at 60 days and one year post-move in. All homes “season” over time, and some items like nail pops ...